Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee (家香沙捞越古晋kolo面) joins a growing wave of vendors who pride themselves on getting folks here sufficiently enthused about an ubiquitous hawker staple cherished by generations of Chinese Sarawakians across the causeway - egg noodles dry tossed in a light seasoning mix (typically comprising soy sauce, pork lard and shallot oil) with minced meat and char siew slices piled on for good measure. To its credit, ingredients are imported directly from Sarawak in a sincere attempt to reconstruct the dish's authenticity; from kitchen to table every order is freshly prepared and cooked on the spot. Diners who prefer poultry in their bowls may opt for the black pepper smoked duck or fried chicken versions.

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee's outlet at VivoCity

Sampling and thoughts:

First things first, a word about the noodles. Them ultra curly strands could jolly well have been rendered thanks to a zigzag crimping iron for all we care, the bothersome bit was an overall unmoist blandness tastewise. Lest they roll out the convenient defence of using one subtle flavour bath, we would have rubbished it anyway: there was no bath to begin with!!!

The quality of meat in part deserves some honest skewering too. The char siew and minced porky scatterings were probably derived from one tense, frightened piggy ushered into the slaughterhouse, else we couldn't for the love of god fathom how our teeth sunk into such a frigid state of affairs.

Jia Xiang Mee ($7.90)

Black Pepper Smoked Duck Kolo Mee ($7.50)

Au contraire, the black pepper smoked duck turned out to be ........ phenomenal. Thoroughly brined and spiced, every sliver produced a satisfying well-marbled melt-in-the-mouth consistency, so its one after another down the alimentary canal baby. No shit. Tragic pity though more of Donald (yeah we gave the cooked bird a name to honour its sacrifice for the greater good of our tummies) wasn't served.

Reality however came crashing down shortly in the form of wantons which underwhelmed immensely - soup based pieces (flanked by two stiff intruding prawns) were off the chart bland, while deep fried ones dismayed with poor ingredient apportionment: excessive dough skin and minuscle quantities of filling.

Suffice to say, our search for kolo mee packing genuine yum continues.

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with restaurant before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.1/10



Marina Square Icon Village @ Tanjong Pagar ARC @ PSA Building
6 Raffles Boulevard, Gopeng & Tras Street, 460 Alexandra Road,
#02-220A to 222A #01-35 to 40 #02-25
Singapore 039594 Singapore 079717 Singapore 119963

Clarke Quay Central 18 Tai Seng Vivo City
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 18 Tai Seng Street, 1 Harbourfront Walk,
#B1-12 #01-30 #B2-38
Singapore 059817 Singapore 539775 Singapore 098585

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