Dim Sum Haus

Located across the road from Jalan Besar MRT station (via exit A), Dim Sum Haus operates as a cafeteria-style joint churning out relatively inexpensive Cantonese nibbles. Occupying no more than 120 square metres, this modestly sized eatery is fully air-conditioned and modernly fitted; add to that patrons can expect fuss-free dining alongside efficient deliverance of both food and services. Beyond steamed, pan/deep-fried and baked items routinely offered by dim sum establishments, a variety of congee and dessert options also feature in its menu.

What knocked our socks off:

The Hak Kam Kai Siew Mai puts a quirky spin on the traditional siew mai narrative: bite-sized morsels moulded using chicken instead of ground pork (each generously stuffed with one whole shrimp plus tobiko sprinkled atop) are seen wrapped in rather unusual charcoal derived skins. Still an adequate partitioning of textures (read: firm meat, succulent shrimp and crunchy roe) uplifted senses; our bamboo steamer was swiftly emptied, leaving us pining for more.

Steamed Charcoal Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings "Hak Kam Kai Siew Mai" ($4.40)

The Japanese Dumplings straddled both Japanese and Cantonese interpretations of the dumpling dish: plump gyoza-like darlings spotting translucent exteriors steamed to perfection, then garnished with coriander and doused in Worcestershire sauce. Sweet undertones augmenting vinegary, tangy outcomes thus roundly manifested - these all at once igniting a pregnant repertoire of prawns, minced meat and shredded black fungus which gestated right beneath.

Japanese Dumplings ($5)

The pan-fried Crispy Mee Sua Kueh With Chinese Sausage were dainty yet densely packed affairs of thin salted noodle strands, mushrooms as well as lup cheong slices; golden brown, crisp outsides beckoned whilst exuberantly moist, chewy qualities rallied from within. Could we have 'em happening way bigger next time though?

Crispy Mee Sua Kueh With Chinese Sausage ($3.90)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Baked Hong Kong Egg Tarts ($3.60)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with eatery before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 8.1/10



57 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208809