Folks might be forgiven for becoming ridiculously besotted with those dainty, ornate euro-style bakes trotted out by Nayuki (奈雪の茶), an ultra popular cafeteria concept originally birthed in Shenzhen, China four years ago which has since grown to over 180 stores across 22 Chinese cities and recently even made inroads into Singapore under a joint venture with BreadTalk Group - it debuted at VivoCity on 8 December 2018; two other outlets subsequently commenced operations on 28 June and 12 July this year. Alongside them pillowy soft, adorably shaped breads granted license to both enthral and pleasure, Nayuki also concocts a suite of somewhat artsy-fartsy cheese tea blends served either warm or chilled.

Nayuki @ Funan Mall

Sampling and thoughts:

Admittedly we succumbed to the gorgeously fashioned buns in restful slumber beckoning from display racks during a random weekday afternoon browse at its 2 month old Funan Mall branch, hence us impulsively buying one of each there and then. Do note should you desire your purchases dismembered sliced, staff deployed onsite stand ever ready. Additionally dine-in customers are issued disposable gloves, thus they can nibble away wholeheartedly without fretting over greased digits.

Among items ingested, three stood out: the fresh cream laden, (strawberry-flavoured) chocolate streaked Strawberry Blush Mystique topped with nearly half a dozen luscious strawberries, the chunky five-spoked Matcha Mochi Blossom brilliantly oozing red bean paste and chewy mochi when bitten into as well as the too darn cutesy QQ Pearly Choco Bear which features a divine cocoa-infused custard core festooned with raisins and yummy pearls. [The consummately rich Dark Oreo Mystique almost made our to-die-for list, unfortunately stale cookies embedded within did pretty coal-coloured submarine boy here a terrible disservice.]

Olive & Spring Onion ($3.80), Chocolord of The Ring ($3.80) And Pitaya Honey Cheese Raisin ($5.00)

QQ Pearly Choco Bear ($3.30) And Matcha Mochi Blossom ($5.00)

Bohemian Spinach Floss ($5.00) And Mao Shan Wang Durian Supreme ($7.80)

Strawberry Blush Mystique ($6.80) And Magic Mango Mystique ($6.50)

We weren't however enamored of Nayuki's "artisanal" cheese teas on account they tasted profoundly formulaic; in particular the less than robust Cheese Rose Oolong had a chronic bitter quality while the overly austere Supreme Cheese Mixed Berries (signature jasmine tippy laced with strawberries and blueberries) imparted scant bliss. Pray tell, why befoul these juvenile drinks further by incorporating some cheese foam drivel that is equal parts asinine and bland?

Comparatively speaking, perhaps sipping Gong Cha products doesn't seem such a trashy proposition after all.

Supreme Cheese Mixed Berries ($8.50)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with cafe before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 7.2/10


Editor's Note: Nayuki has shuttered operations entirely in Singapore as of July 2020.


VivoCity Funan Mall Ngee Ann City
1 Harbourfront Walk, 109 North Bridge Road, 391 Orchard Road,
#01-207 #01-01 #B1-30
Singapore 098585 Singapore 179105 Singapore 098585