Fusionist eatery Omoomodon (which translates to "oh my donburi") serves up decently priced rice/noodle bowls imbued with a somewhat pensive Korean-Japanese twist courtesy of one streamlined checkout process; folks first make payment (cash and credit card accepted) via automated self-ordering kiosks deployed onsite, then proceed to collect their meals when an assigned queue number gets called. Operating since mid-2016, this pseudo fast food concept by the Seoul Yummy casual dining chain offers nearly two dozen outlandishly named mainstays on its menu, alongside various nibbles such as soy garlic winglets, yakitori skewers and fried dumplings.

What knocked our socks off:

Dear Ebi most certainly set our senses adrift with a multitude of distinct textures as well as flavours exuded: succulent shrimps (coated in light tempura batter at its crispy, gossamer best) held their own against Korean white grains prepared "chapssal" or sticky rice style, not forgetting that mouth-puckeringly tart, umami packed kimchi omelette layered on top and two tablespoons of bibimbap sauce further drizzled over for a truly fiery experience. Tank You Salmon while less dramatic delivery-wise was memorable, albeit ephemeral: optimally grilled salmon fillet assigned bedfellow to springy glass noodles, thereafter being rather conscientiously tinted by some sweet teriyaki concoction. On second thought, a bigger piece of fish isn't too much to ask aye?

Dear Ebi ($9.50)

Tank You Salmon ($12.00)

What didn't work out:

Yes Sir! Yes Sir! ($12.00)

Other items sampled but turned out to be non-events:

Grainy Salmon ($10.00)