Miao Sin Popiah

Former Longhouse food centre and Lavender Food Square stalwart Miao Sin Popiah (淼鑫薄饼) turns 40 this year; established by veteran hawker Ong Chin Quay along Upper Boon Keng Road in 1980, the popular chai tow kway cum popiah specialist relocated thrice before eventually settling down at Balestier Market six years ago. Apart from its signature teochew fresh spring roll item ($2 per serving), patrons may also choose to snack on some piping hot fried carrot cake ($3.50/$4.50/$5.50 per plate).

Balestier Market

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Sampling and thoughts:

Feeling peckish after browsing through numerous lighting shops in the Balestier precinct late one weekday evening, we therefore sussed out Or Kio Pa Sat (affectionate sobriquet for Balestier Market bestowed by locals) sited a stone's throw away to quell those dastardly past dinnertime, not quite suppertime cravings. Divine intervention nudging then or otherwise, Miao Sin's unassumedness drew us in: corner stall sparsely adorned with vibrant shots of eats sold, modest but pristine scullery attached right behind, congenial helpers seen darting back and forth etc......crikey, were them folks still physically recording cash transactions via a big-assed handwritten antique ledger???

Anyways, popiah and white carrot cake it was for our till now ignored, already rebelling stomachs; regrettably neither dish elicited genuine contentment. Leathery, unmoist skin (probably factory-made rather than handcrafted) did the popiah a great disservice, which btw turned out an incoherent gobbledygook of beansprouts too aplenty, yet criminally little of everything else: eggs, prawns, turnips plus dried flat fish had all practically gone MIA.

The carrot cake fared better - eggy, chai poh studded radish cubes articulated adequate crunch cum fluff whilst never coming across as exasperatingly greasy; however a wee bit too much salt used emasculated affairs, thus "decommissioning" that umami oomph sought. Simply put, we were nearly fired up but got sucker punched. Oh well.

TLDR: Miao Sin Popiah equals overrated, forgettable.

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with stall before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.9/10



Balestier Market Food Court
411 Balestier Road,
Singapore 329930

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