Omelette Chef

Whether compelled by an epiphanous gumption for self-renewal or owing to mere innate proclivity to downshift during one's twilight years, sexagenarian Francis Lai definitively shuttered his hoary but revered hawker stall (Grand Stewed Herbal Soup 豪华滋补炖汤) in 2019 which had until then been serving imperial herbal chicken and Cantonese double-boiled soups for nearly two decades; these days however he is back as the titular egg maestro behind western fusion concept Omelette Chef, albeit still operating out of the very same claustrophobic cubby at Chinatown Complex Food Centre - ever faithful, uncritical helpmate Doreen in tow since time immemorial.

Amidst casually attired peers, Lai is instead seen garbed in full chef whites, replete with canvas waist apron, puffy black toque whilst skilleting frittata doppelgängers among other things, no doubt cutting a whimsical figure bordering hilarity. Nevertheless, if "suiting up" begets curious inquisition and god willing, grows patronage, why not?

Omelette Chef opens daily from 11am-8pm except Sundays. Its offerings appear unesoteric enough: $5 sets trotted out each comprising a carb (Japanese rice or spaghetti), omelette + preferred garniture (options include Hawaiian ham, prawns, diced chicken, smoked duck, pork sausage) and fistful of corn niblets.

Sampling and thoughts:

More Egg Fu Young than Omelet Aux Fines Herbes, them scallion/tomato-scudded half mooners were fragrant, supple and bequeathed a gingerly moist consistency. Toppings wise the smoked duck breast slices chosen along with prawns ended up a veritable mixed bag: duck got ungreasy succulence down pat, prawns however reeked of regrettably quotidian. On another note we couldn't help being blasé about both rice and spaghetti that came precooked because frankly they tasted, well, ...... precooked.

All said and done, Omelette Chef deserves its day in the sun - what with a newfangled culinary slant, fastidiously plated affairs cum hearty portions parceled out; not discounting genial service proffered by sheer virtue of Doreen's grandmotherly idiosyncrasies.

Whenceforth wishing OC many happy trails ahead.

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with stall before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 7.2/10



Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street,
Singapore 050335