HK Cheong Fun King

Helmed by former dim sum chef Oh San Oui (who cultivated an undisputedly sterling pedigree over three decades working at various esteemed establishments such as the now defunct Da Wan Zhou – The House of Congee restaurant, Resorts World Sentosa and Peninsula Excelsior Hotel’s Coleman’s Cafe), 4-month-old HK Cheong Fun King came into being under pressing personal circumstances; Oh's then-existing employment with Coleman Cafe had been indefinitely put on ice amidst the pandemic last year, thus vouchsafing him urgent cause for changing tack. Took the plunge he eventually did, from cog in the wheel since forever to popping his entrepreneurial cherry, albeit with great trepidation. Anyhow, this Kopitiam-domiciled stall at Tampines Mall is holding up well, or so we'd opine, given persistent queues observed during a recent discreet dinnertime visit.

HK Cheong Fun King opens daily from 10am-9.30pm. Its menu trumpets half a dozen chee cheong fun variants, whilst simultaneously luring porridge junkies by means of another sextet of canto-style jook options.

What knocked our socks off:

The Char Siew Rice Roll (comprising studiously puckered, diaphanous rice noodle sheets swaddling strikingly lean but nonetheless well caramelized roasted pork tatters) asserted ingratiatingly sweet meatiness interwoven with prolifically silky which left us rather chuffed.

The bulbously monolithic Rice Roll With Dough Sticks in all its mummified glory endeared too, as attempting mouthfuls of what was one felicitous nexus of crispy hot, oleaginous and uber velvety drew forth approving nods. Btw don't forget to take 'em cheong funs for a dunk or two in the scintillating, munificently endowed with hae bee hiam house-made chilli, you are welcome.

Char Siew Rice Roll ($5) And Rice Roll With Dough Sticks ($5)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Shrimp Rice Roll ($6)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with stall before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 7.8/10


Editor's Note: HK Cheong Fun King has since shuttered.


Kopitiam @ Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5,
#04-27/28/29; Stall 12
Singapore 529510