A budding Korean street food concept cradled under the auspices of lifestyle cum events group PlusEightTwo (co-owned by Seo Eunkwang who hails from K-pop boy band BTOB), 82Bunsik launched sometime in September 2020, initially bunking with parent brand +82 at Rendezvous Gallery along Bras Basah Road before relocating proper to Jubilee Square in Ang Mo Kio; a second Djitsun Mall Bedok outlet also materialized less than twelve months later. For the uninitiated, eighty two alludes to South Korea's country code, while Bunsik (분식) which literally means "comestibles made using flour" veritably epitomizes the notion of everyday fare - uncerebral, inexpensive, always accessible.

Assailed by them sudden tea o'clock hankerings one recent weekday afternoon, we spontaneously decided to scope out its AMK outpost. Boy was this place itsy-bitsy, given an open kitchen, four tables plus approximately twice as many chairs all seen crammed within 15 mere square metres of laconic, pared-down sensibilities, a not exactly gemütlich atmosphere hanging overhead. Offerings wise folks could pick from just corndogs, croffles (some inanely conceived frankenpastry where innocent croissants get transmogrified into wtf pseudo-waffles by dint of the waffle iron), ddeokbokki (aka spicy rice cakes) and fried chicken; oh well at least there ain't any bloody need for protracted deliberation.

82Bunsik @ Jubilee Square

What knocked our socks off:

Surprisingly, the rather unwieldy Injeolmi Croffle was right up our alley, what with an ingratiating, global chewiness canoodling with aromatic soybean pulverulence, thereupon pulling off a tantalizing trifecta through good ass ice-cream further added ($3/scoop) that substantially dulcified affairs.

Injeolmi Croffle + Vanilla Ice-Cream ($8.50)

What didn't work out:

Stratospherically salty subjugating accompanying flavours aside, the mustard-streaked, sugar-dusted Cheddar Corndog rang hollow, no thanks to one exasperatingly immoderate mantle of cornmeal smothering some laughably puny weiner (read: too much corn but too damn little dog yo).

Cheddar Corndog ($5)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with outlet before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.8/10


Editor's Note: 82Bunsik subsequently shifted its operations at Djitsun Mall Bedok to The Cathay. Both remaining outlets, however, shuttered in 2023.


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