Châteraisé Premium Yatsudoki

If you ain't never knew about Châteraisé like, ever, your nescient ass is most definitely ensnared under some goddamn rock or menhir. Inveterately moored in Singapore since 2015 with close to forty stores cultivated islandwide till date, Japan's largest confectionery maker today maintains a firm stranglehold on huge posses of incorrigible sweet-toothers hither and yon - this via merchandising an always evolving onslaught of prepackaged cakes, cream puffs, ice creams etc imported from ya know where at majorly palatable prices.

Châteraisé Premium Yatsudoki sashayed into town six years later, popping its cherry 28 August 2021 at Guoco Tower. Christened the highbrow adjunct to the more colloquial, widespread original Châteraisé brand, Yatsudoki (olden Japanese speak for the eighth period of the day, ie 3pm, when folks would wontedly snack away) instead rigs things up spanking daffodil-fresh in-house: calescent pastries straight from ovens, luxurious profiteroles, mousses & company piped thrice daily, soft serves debouched only upon get the gist. Then there's kegged Yamanashi wine (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon varietals available) which oenophiles may "decant" as much as they desire, wallets permitting.

Châteraisé Premium Yatsudoki also exists @ Millenia Walk and One Holland Village.

What knocked our socks off:

The Sumo Citrus Double Cream Puff had us slipping head over peels: bouffant pâte à choux fecundated by fresh + custard cream, phat Sumo mandarin lobes hemmed midriff that, once being bored through brought to pass an exceptionally silken, licentious sweet upshot.

Sumo Citrus Double Cream Puff ($7.40)

How we slobbered over the tumescent Royal Chestnut Pie too, royally grateful for an uber farinaceous whole Kuri (Japanese chestnut) burrowed within flakily crisp croissantish folds.

Royal Chestnut Pie ($5)

The Premium Leaf Pie was another handiwork we took considerable shine to - a featherweight, sugared brickle brackle comprising filo laminae slaked with fermented French butter. Couple of greedy crunches and, ta-da, it's all gone.

Premium Leaf Pie ($3)

Other items sampled but turned out to be non-events:

Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Pie ($4)

Strawberry Souffle Cheesecake ($6.50)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with outlet before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 8.0/10



Guoco Tower Millenia Walk One Holland Village
7 Wallich Street, 9 Raffles Boulevard, 7 Holland Village Way,
#01-05 #01-93/94 #01-23
Singapore 078884 Singapore 039596 Singapore 275748