Pho Street

A subsidiary of the Select Group, Pho Street strives to accord patrons a proper sampling of authentic Vietnamese Street delights; these include Phở (Vietnamese rice noodles) bowls of the beef, chicken and beef varieties, salads, dumplings, skewers and Bánh Mì sandwiches. Eateries are fitted with low tables and stools, cart displays, traditional woodwork and exotic lanterns in a bid to deliver an immersive dining experience. A possible deal clincher apart from bearing witness to decent prices printed across the entire menu? Almost everything served is darn healthy.

What knocked our socks off:

The Bánh Mì is presented as a lightly toasted baguette folded to hold an assortment of greens, chopped red chillies, carrot sticks and a choice of meat (we settled for grilled beef) glazed with what we presume is a specially concocted hoisin sauce. Add a slight drizzle of mayonnaise on the side, this attractively crafted sandwich was both crisp and tangy at once. The beefy goodness came through convincingly, and yep it was pretty much love at first every bite. The rice crackers with pork floss also delighted us to no end; we encountered a crunchy essence layered with an ever generous fluff of sweetened pork and shrimp bits.

Grilled Beef Bánh Mì ($6.90)

Rice Crackers With Pork Floss ($3.90)

What didn't work out:

The pair of fresh summer rolls comprising lettuce leaves, peeled prawns and pork belly wrapped tightly in rice paper were mediocre at best. Firstly, the pork belly turned out to be a miserable thin boiled slice seemingly appended to the overall creation as an afterthought. Next, the peanut sauce dip was a dull companion which proved incapable of bringing an adequate contrast of tastes (natural mildness of roll ingredients versus intentioned savouriness of sauce) to the fore.

Fresh Summer Rolls With Prawns, Pork Belly And Fresh Herbs ($4.90)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Phở Beef Tender Slices ($8.90)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with restaurant before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.9/10



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