Once there lived a gravitationally challenged boy named Jake who desperately sought to graduate from the fat boys club. Succeeded he did albeit via largely unhealthy means (attempting countless crash diets as well as periodically starving himself silly - these on top of working out 6 days per week that is), eventually vanquishing a whopping 30 kilos from an original hefty 90kg frame. Deep down though Jake knew such quick weight-loss fixes weren't sustainable, hence he embarked upon studying nutrition alongside fervently exploring ways to whip up unboring yet waistline-friendly meals. Some years later Jake made the acquaintance of a kindred spirit, Edmund (who previously schooled in the culinary arts at SHATEC) whilst serving national service; one thing led to another and Asian fusion concept Wafuken was thus birthed.

Wafu Or 和風 = Western Cuisine With A Distinctive Japanese Twist, Kenko or 健康 = Wellness In Japanese

Wafuken's culinary weltanschauung pays punctilious heed to the now near-ubiquitous sous vide principle, ie cooking pre-vacuumized food in immersion circulators aka temperature regulated water baths, which thereby imparts an unheralded flavour cum textural consistency. Riding high on the coattails of basic thermodynamics, it proclaims to conjure "some of the silkiest salmon fillets, juiciest chicken breasts and the most tantalizing steaks ever", these complemented by assorted carb/vege options that are grilled, baked, roasted, steamed or served enticing cold. So customize away as your appetite and budget allow (those still finding themselves eternally undecided nonetheless could perhaps order from a separate shortlist of curated donburis for starters).

What knocked our socks off:

Sensationally smoked duck with mild gamey undertones percolating through the outwardly rubied and well-marbled (we are guessing Magret de Canard at this point) tickled us pink, while profuse, seared to medium rare perfection oyster blade steak chunks decreed a moist tenderness that elicited quivers of rapture.

Also, soba noodles were refreshingly minty, miso cauliflower (painted two shades piquant) restrainedly exotic and beetroot quinoa compellingly nutty.

Oyster Blade Steak ($8/Half Portion) + Cold Soba ($2/Portion) + Miso Cauliflower ($2/Portion)

Smoked Duck ($7/Half Portion) + Beetroot Quinoa ($2/Portion) + Bean Paste Mushrooms ($3/Portion)

What didn't work out:

Brooks Brothers leather shoes rather than juicy chicken breasts happened, 'em salt baked sweet potatoes possibly went ballistic on the sodium, not forgetting a giddingly bland neither chilli nor jam gallimaufry playing peekaboo across sourish, too turgid tofu. Hmm.

Chicken Breast ($4/Half Breast) + Salt Baked Sweet Potatoes ($2/Portion) + Chilli Jam Tofu ($1.50/Portion)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Impossible Donburi ($15)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with restaurant before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 7.9/10


Editor's Note: Wafuken shuttered entirely in 2022.


Asia Square Tower 2 Square 2 OUE Downtown Gallery
12 Marina View, 10 Sinaran Drive, 6A Shenton Way,
#02-05 #02-65/66/67 #02-23
Singapore 018961 Singapore 307506 Singapore 068815


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