Jue Dai Lor Mee

Stowed in the umbilicus of the comparatively new Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, Jue Dai Lor Mee (觉代卤面) couldn't get any more hole-and-corner, however mere navel lint this food stall ain't - as attested to by the brisk business it constantly enjoys. Rain or shine, countless folks are seen hankering after its rendition of that perennial hokkien noodle dish inundated with a sublimely acetous, archingly mucilaginous broth. Pray tell then, exactly what alchemistic panacea is being administered to the cooking which keeps 'em coveting and coming back?

Presently manned by one Mr Tan Thian Huat who also oversees Jue Shi Lor Mee (觉世卤面) at Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, Jue Dai @ Ci Yuan opens daily from 8am-9.45pm.

Sampling and thoughts:

Running kinda late, we promptly settled on the traditional lor mee offering. Yowzer, for just 4 bucks per bowl you are served some rambunctious, palpable steez of flat yellow noodles, braised pork belly, yam roll, shredded fried fish plus hard boiled egg lolling in a vinegar-lashed, mucho viscid but never gluggly admixture. Crispy, lardaceous as well as moreish gallivanting amidst an aperitive sweet/sour, roux-like consistency thus had us resolutely going mama mia......mmm.

Uhh, anyways gotta bail now.

Tiny memo to ourselves: go for the chicken cutlet lor mee ($3) and cod fish lor mee ($4) next time round.

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with stall before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 8.0/10



Ci Yuan Hawker Centre
51 Hougang Avenue 9,
Singapore 538776