Mr Prata

Established since 2005, Mr Prata is a popular yet curiously diffident 24-hour eatery chain with outlets huddled in various heartlands across the island. Once dedicated to dishing up South Indian Muslim fare, its menu has over time veered into quasi-wtf territory, nowadays also encompassing innumerable steaks, burgers, pastas, pizzas and gasp, even oriental cuisine permutations such as seafood hor fun and Hong Kong fried noodles.

Call us obnoxiously cautious if you will, on this particular supper expedition we adhered to just desi offerings. Alas, taciturn waiters, an unsolicitous atmosphere plus bloody comatose Wincor Nixdorf self-checkout terminal didn't quite make for the loveliest of experiences - still, tantamount to some grand snafu it ain't.

What knocked our socks off:

A tad doughy notwithstanding, the plain prata was lightweight enough and surreptitiously crackly to boot. Ditto the egg prata; painted with warm curry these unleavened poppets snugly fulfilled tum tums. The roti john mutton delectated measurably as well: distended french loaf fuselage enswathing minced lamb, kibbled onions, pan fried omelette (then "aggrandized" by a ketchup-mayo combi drench) tasted tender fluff, mesquite-y and teeny weeny bit raunchy altogether.

Plain Prata ($1.20) And Egg Prata ($1.80)

Roti John Mutton ($5)

What didn't work out:

The chocolate prata alongside its strawberry brethren attempted to get cute with the status quo but flopped spectacularly; first we found ourselves chewing through some (stevia laced?) soiled diaper, next a dead-ringer for a used menstrual pad which reeked of so diabetically greasy insides churned. YUCK. X 10.

Chocolate Prata ($3)

Strawberry Prata ($3.50)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Masala Thosai ($3.20)

Mutton Briyani ($7.50)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with outlet before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.9/10



Blk 320 Clementi Avenue 4, Blk 476 Tampines Street 44, Blk 742 Bedok Reservoir Road,
#01-37 #01-189 #01-3105
Singapore 120320 Singapore 520476 Singapore 470742

Blk 82 Marine Parade Central, 26 Evans Road,
#01-616 #01-02
Singapore 440082 Singapore 259367