Kooks Creamery

Singapore's ice cream scene is becoming de trop, with scads of geletarias having already effloresced ass-to-elbow everywhere here, this continuing undiminished even till date. So how does someone - anyone - who possess serious skin in the game of cones avoid ultimately ending up another unheeded minnow and keep customers keen as mustard, always making them circling back for more? Take it from Kuah Sue-Maine and Kuah Sue-Lynn then, the sister duo masterminding over half a decade old Kooks Creamery - their claim to fame being exactingly R&Ded flavours that imbibe voguish local quiddities, as well as maniacally oozy lava cookies/waffles.

Established since 2016, Kooks Creamery presently operates three stores in Orchard Road, Serangoon, Bedok (which we popped by pretty much on impulse to tame niggling dessert urges).

What knocked our socks off:

The Lava Waffles With Ice Cream proved quite the Dionysian indulgence: double-stacked golden griddled joy geysering reams of chocolate ganache, big splodge of glace au Ferrero Rocher persnicketily niched atop when tore into wholesale blazoned crispy hot, praline nutty and boreal sweet, these all unfolding athwart one another contemporaneously.

Lava Waffles + Single Scoop of Ferrero Rocher ($14.30)

Other items sampled but turned out to be non-events:

Single Scoop of Raspberry Lychee ($5.80)

Single Scoop of Brown Sugar Tau Huay ($5.80)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with outlet before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 7.1/10



313 Somerset 211 Serangoon Avenue 4, 218 Bedok North Street 1,
313 Orchard Road, #01-02 #01-19
#B3-43A Singapore 550211 Singapore 460218
Singapore 238895

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