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Most lauded for slinging unerringly frizzled tempura-headlined donburis, Japanese tendon super chain Tempura Tendon Tenya, or simply Tenya (天丼), first stirred back in 1989 when one Mr Yoshio Iwashita sallied forth with a rather picayune shop at Tokyo station's labyrinthian Yaesu Chikagai mall (八重洲地下街); today it has tentacled across Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as Singapore to the tune of 200+ physical touch points both managed outright and franchised. Tenya Singapore formally unveiled here, all "batter"-ready so to speak, on 15 October 2020.

Tenya Singapore @ ION Orchard

Flippin' Thru: Tenya's Menu (Vers. 4) Pages 5 & 6

What knocked our socks off:

There's no faulting the Premium Tendon Cold Soba Set: formidable tempura repertory (meaning two zaftig black tiger shrimp, squid, crab stick, aged pumpkin, lotus root, French beans - these btw being surgically zapped by Tenya's very own patented automatic air fryer, then extirpated of excess grease via infrared heat) embosoming premium Aomori Masshigura rice that's bespattered with some special Tare blend (avowedly mustered using grilled eel essence cum Kinoene soy sauce, among other beaut stuff) gave us everything from light yet seafoody crispy to clean-tasting fragrant, to sweetish savoury. The side hustling zaru soba meanwhile, brumal and snarfin' good, adventitiously warded against possible deep-fried fatigue.

Premium Tendon Cold Soba Set ($17.90)

Other item(s) sampled but turned out to be non-event(s):

Vegetables Tendon ($8.90)

Takoyaki ($4.90)

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Score: 7.3/10



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