Bankrolled by SATS' food solutions venture building arm, fast-casual player Twyst (an obvious puckish equivoque on the word twist) expressly avers ceaseless "pasta-bilities" for pastaphiles - whatever fantastic beast of a spaghettitron or otherwise course you envisage, it can be mustered up. Big fat caveat though: one has to contend with customizing da bejesus outta just six preordained sauce options (amongst them pomodoro, gochujang, miso butter, alfredo), simple Simon mix-ins (poached chicken, sauteed prawns, mushrooms, edamame etc) and, get this, only spag/penne phenotypes courtesy of Barilla pasta. Boy does the future feel bleak.

First seeded in December 2021, Twyst currently operates several greasy spoons as well as takeaway kiosks across Singapore. Blundering upon its appropriately hopping roost at JEM sometime not long ago, we elected to gormandize then and there.

What knocked our socks off:

The Tomato Pomodoro + sauteed prawns + mushrooms which saw toothy penne gambolling alongside fleshy decapods in some bracing acidulcis, ropy Sugo di Pomodoro was, quite frankly speaking, pretty good.

Tomato Pomodoro ($9.50)

What didn't work out:

Creamy Alfredo ($10.50)

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with outlet before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 6.2/10



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