Say Chiizu began life as a humble snack shack by Khun Jae and Khun Aor at Bangkok's night markets selling cheese fries, subsequently debuting at The Mall Ngamwongwan in Mueang Nonthaburi District. Fast forward to the present day, Say Chiizu has since become synonymous with stretchy cheese toasts snugly slotted in dinky yellow cum black open-faced packaging, and in 2018 "stretched" awareness of its offerings across oceans to land on the shores of Singapore courtesy of a franchise agreement reached (first takeaway kiosk at VivoCity commenced business on 15 January, with many more to follow).

Say Chiizu Cafe At Bugis+

Sampling and thoughts:

Good news: the cheese toasts (available in 6 flavours - original, chocolate, charcoal, strawberry, Nutella and Matcha) are only grilled to order, therefore your purchases are guaranteed warm and fresh. Not so good news: because things are whipped up on the spot, be prepared to hang around for up to 15 minutes if you have to jostle against other folks. As fate would have it, our less than nimble fingers couldn't quite articulate the tensile awesomeness of the cheese blend (comprising mozzarella and two other hush hush varieties) gestating within-hence the absence of foreplay photos herein. Truth be told, a slight application of force saw the top corner cleanly sheared off without any lingering physical hint of dairy gooeyness; this happening every single time for crying out loud. Ah bloody hell.

Strawberry Cheese Toast ($3.80)

Charcoal Cheese Toast ($3.80)

Matcha Cheese Toast ($3.80)

Fancy-pantsy as they arise, these nibbles hardly impressed when it came to the actual munch. Apart from being cast in vivacious colors, the ones we tasted (original, strawberry, charcoal and matcha) essentially "bled" the same uninspiring cheesiness without any genuine distinction in flavour. Okay so mister charcoal turned out crumbly and moist while missy strēawberige suggested a vague hint of tutti-frutti within, beyond that nothing made us go wow. In short, neither awful nor unforgettable. For somewhat pint-sized confectionery going at almost 4 bucks a pop, surely we deserve better than mere hype over substance?

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Kindly clarify with kiosk before visiting or ordering.

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Score: 5.3/10


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